Did you know that you can learn Danish for free with Elsk Aalborg International?

And while learning Danish you will hopefully find a place to belong where you’ll be seen, known and loved and also have the opportunity to see, know and love others. Most people come the first time because they want to learn and practice Danish, but they come again because they feel at home.

Hanna Pedersen

Hanna Pedersen

Point of Contact // Kontaktperson for Elsk Aalborg International

Elsk Aalborg International – Learn Danish


At 2-4 pm: Danish lessons – Learn Danish
At 4-6 pm: Know Aalborg – know the Danes

At 2-4 pm: Danish lessons – Learn Danish
At 4-6 pm: Kindness, helpfulness and hospitality

Danish lessons
The Danish lessons helps you to learn Danish with a focus on pronunciation and comprehension. First we have 50 minutes with coeducation and, after a break, 50 minutes with teaching divided into 4 levels. Which means that you will be able to learn Danish from scratch or simply improve it, no matter what your danish level is right now.

Know Aalborg – know the Danes
We change between four different things:

  • Danish movies with Danish subtitles
  • Sport (mostly soccer)
  • Try a Danish tradition
  • Tour to somewhere in Aalborg

Kindness, helpfulness and hospitality
We practice the three Elsk Aalborg values. It includes: Baking, games, helping each other, student network, planning parties and hygge.

Elsk Aalborg is started in Aalborg Valgmenighed (a part of the national church in Aalborg), some of us are Christians, but you can be a part of the Elsk Aalborg International no matter what you believe or do not believe. You can read more about our vision and history by clicking here.

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If you have any questions or are interested in knowing more, you can write a mail to hanna@elskaalborg.dk